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Three Questions That Make One

By Bashir Bashir and Leila Farsakh. Over the past two decades, Middle Eastern and European politics have been impacted by three critical developments that call into question dominant understandings of nationalism, citizenship, and decolonization. The aggressive and ongoing colonization of Palestine created irreversible realities that cast serious doubts on the feasibility of partition and the “two-state solution.”

Annette Weinke

„Das Narrativ der universalen Menschenrechte ist nach wie vor wirkungsvoll“ – ein Interview mit Annette Weinke

Annette Weinke ist Privatdozentin am  Jena Center Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Nach ihrer Habilitation an der Philosophischen Fakultät Universität Jena war sie 2015/16 Visiting Fellow am History Department...

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