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Postmodern Architecture and Political Change – Poland and Beyond

This article is part of the TRAFO series “Emerging Topics. Insights from ‘Behind the Scenes’”. Today, we put the spotlight on the conference “Postmodern Architecture and Political Change – Poland and Beyond” which will take place on September 12-14, 2019 at the German Historical Institute Warsaw. We talked with two of the conveners, Annika Wienert and Florian Urban, about the upcoming conference.

From Collected to Contested: Die Zukunft von Museen nach der Rückführungsdebatte

Wie ist mit den oftmals problematischen Provenienzen von Museumsobjekten aus ehemals kolonialisierten Ländern zu verfahren? Unter anderem damit beschäftigte sich das Seminar „From Collected to Contested: The Future of Museums after the Repatriation Debate“ am DHI London von dem David Irion berichtet.

What is Global History?

Krishan Kumar has recently written an article on the Times Literary Supplement entitled “What is Global History?”. In the article, Kumar reviews two recent publications – C.A. Bayly’s Remaking the...