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Palestine Potash Limited: Industrial Development in Mandatory Palestine and the Infrastructure of Zionism

By Mona Bieling. The British Mandate for Palestine was officially instated in 1923 by the League of Nations. From its beginning, the Mandate government received applications for the rights to exploit the mineral resources of the Dead Sea and its surrounding areas.

Cultivating Flowers and Loyal Subjects: A Case Study of the Işkodra Municipal Garden

By Berin Gölönü. Starting in the year 1870, a new type of public recreation space referred to as the “people’s garden” or municipal garden took root in the Ottoman Empire’s cities and towns. These formally landscaped spaces were modeled after Haussmann-era Parisian promenades.

The Political Redefinition of Memory: The Problem of Studying History in Contemporary Iraq

By Haidar Lashkry (History, Koya University, Iraq). To contextualize, I am an Iraqi Kurdish historian who teaches medieval history at Koya University. Koya is a young university and has had a history department since its foundation in 2003; the department teaches general history with a focus on the Middle East in all periods but especially the medieval.

إعادة تعريف الذاكرة سياسيًا: مشكلة دراسة التاريخ في العراق المعاصر

حيدر لشكري (تاریخ، جامعة كويه، العراق). بداية القول، أنا مؤرخ كُردي عراقي، أقوم بتدريس تاريخ العصور الوسطى في جامعة كويه، وهي جامعة فتیة تأسست في سنة ٢٠٠٣. منذ تأسیسها، أُنشئ فیها قسم التاریخ، حيث یُدرّس التاریخ العام، مع الترکیز علی تاریخ الشرق الأوسط بمختلف مراحله، خاصة التاریخ الوسیط.

Nationalism on the Shop Floor: The Silahtarağa Electric Power Plant in the Early 1920s

By Nurçin İleri. In January 1936, İzzettin Muhittin Apak, a journalist from Akşam Postası (Evening Post) decided to visit the Silahtarağa Electrical Power Plant, the main electric power supplier of Istanbul, a city with a population of 900,000. What most attracted Apak’s attention was the hospital-like cleanliness of the power plant, and that almost everything was being automated in this vast industrial place.

The West and the Word: Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse

by Steffen Wöll. Academic studies about the western American peripheries date back to as early as 1893. In this year, a young professor from Wisconsin named Frederick Jackson Turner presented a conference paper to crowds at the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

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