Verschlagwortet: International relations

A Small Rift in the United States Regarding Palestine: A Shift in Rhetoric, But What About Foreign Policy?

By Jeffrey G. Karam. For decades, the United States’ steadfast support for Israel has been one of the pillars of its foreign policy in the Middle East. This has allowed successive Israeli governments to act with impunity and evade accountability for crimes against Palestinians.

Training as a Gatekeeper at the Indo-German Factory

By Josefine Carla Hoffmann. Vocational education and training was an important part of Indo-German technical collaboration from the mid-1950s onwards. Companies and other institutions all over India collaborated with the West German state and its companies, rhetorically stressing the priority of skilling the workforce, amongst other things.

The National Frame: Art and State Violence in Turkey and Germany

By Banu Karaca. The National Frame emerged out of my long-term interest in art, aesthetics and politics. I have always been fascinated by the dominant notion that art is inherently good, by the many values that are accorded to art – be it that art furthers individual agency and critical faculties, the emancipatory potential of art, or its civilizing impact – and the realities that shape the daily workings of the art world.

Annette Weinke

„Das Narrativ der universalen Menschenrechte ist nach wie vor wirkungsvoll“ – ein Interview mit Annette Weinke

Annette Weinke ist Privatdozentin am  Jena Center Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Nach ihrer Habilitation an der Philosophischen Fakultät Universität Jena war sie 2015/16 Visiting Fellow am History Department...

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