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Infrastructures and Society in (Post-)Ottoman Geographies: Call for Contributions to the Series

We invite contributions to discuss and investigate how infrastructures shape and affect power relations and daily life; how they produce or organize inequalities, discrimination, or differentiated access to public goods and services; and how they may become part of state violence, or resistance, in Ottoman and post-Ottoman geographies.

The Comparative Society

By Felix Mallin | Comparison – or the mental faculty of distinction – is one of the most fundamental ingredients of autonomous life. It aids us in the quotidian tasks of decoding language, emotions, or smells, as well as in making sense of the society and world around us.

Call for Papers: Workshop “Geteilte Forschung”

Epistemologische Herausforderungen gemeinsamen Forschens in transregionalen Zusammenhängen Ist geteilte Forschung halbe Forschung? Schwindet dabei die wissenschaftliche Tiefe? Wie werden Forschungserfahrungen gemeinsam erlebt, interpretiert und geschrieben? Geteilte Forschung scheint einen festen...

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