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Islam and Heritage in Europe: Pasts, Presents and Future Possibilities

By Katarzyna Puzon. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 – an event that triggered a significant and sustained rise in prejudice, discrimination, and hate crimes against Muslims, which has increased steadily since then. The tragic developments that followed, especially the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and of Iraq in 2003, still reverberate across Europe, not least in the recent ‘refugee crises’.

The African Refugee Equilibrium

By George Njung. Africans’ lack of knowledge about our own shared refugee experiences continues to fuel hate and discrimination on the continent. For far too long, the global refugee situation has been misconstrued as static, with certain parts of the globe generating disproportionate numbers of refugees and others perpetually faced with the burden of hosting displaced peoples.

Missionary Anxiety Along Ottoman Istanbul’s Railways

By Gabriel Doyle. When new railway lines started to crisscross Ottoman territory at the end of the 19th century, the infrastructural change fuelled a missionary awakening. Catholic congregations, especially, were interested in the urban and rural areas around the Anatolian railway line, which started to be built in 1889 and intended to link Istanbul to Ankara.

The Strange Case of Portugal’s Returnees

By Christoph Kalter. The year is 1975, and the footage comes from the Portuguese Red Cross. Who, or maybe what, are these people? Returnees or retornados is the term commonly assigned to more than half-a-million people, the vast majority of them white settlers from Angola and Mozambique, most of whom arrived in Lisbon in 1975.

Refugees and Religion

By Birgit Meyer. The volume Refugees and Religion: Ethnographic Studies of Global Trajectories, co-edited by Birgit Meyer and Peter van der Veer, disputes a hard and fast distinction between migrants and refugees by showing how shifting legal arrangements as well as people’s varying statuses make the concept of ‘refugee’ dynamic.

The Humanities in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Arab World and Germany – An Introduction

An Introduction to the TRAFO series “The Humanities in the 21st Century: Perspectives from the Arab World and Germany” by Nuha Alshaar, Beate La Sala, Jenny Oesterle and Barbara Winckler. This project is part of the activities of the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA).

الإنسانيات في القرن الحادي والعشرين: وجهات نظر من العالم العربي وألمانيا – مَدْخِل

مدخل إلى سلسلة “ترافو” التي تحمل عنواناً “الإنسانيات في القرن الحادي والعشرين: وجهات نظر من العالم العربي وألمانيا”، كتبته بربارة وينكلر (جامعة مونستر) وبيآتا لا سالا (جامعة برلين الحرة) وجيني أوستيرله (جامعة باساو) ونهى الشعار (الجامعة الأميركية في الشارقة/ معهد الدراسات الإسماعيلية، لندن). وهذا المشروع هو جزء من نشاطات الأكاديمية العربية الألمانية للباحثين الشباب في العلوم والإنسانيات.

Academic Freedom is the Freedom to Know

By Pascal Engel. We observe violations of academic freedom all the time. Speakers are “deplatformed” because of their political views, professors become the victims of campaigns in the media and social networks.

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