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Digital Apartheid in India: Depriving India’s Youth from Digital Empowerment

By Nihakira Srivastava. “The divide between India’s haves and have-nots created vastly different worlds of opportunity – all shaped by their level of internet access from birth. For some it opened doors, while for others it remained a locked portal.” This article addresses the critical issue of digital exclusion and its impact on the younger generation in India. Through her research and writing, the author aims to highlight and combat the systemic barriers that hinder digital inclusion, striving to create a more just and empowered digital future for all.

Collaboration + Laboratory = The German Studies Collaboratory

By Jennifer Evans and Swen Steinberg | “We are all in this together” is not simply the solidarity slogan of our new reality in times of Covid-19. In May 2020, it became a starting point for a group of scholars teaching at North American universities

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