Verschlagwortet: Cultural Studies

Entanglements of the Maghreb: Cultural and Political Aspects of a Region in Motion

By Imen Louati and Julius Dihstelhoff. This anthology aims to generate a new approach to address regional studies in the Maghreb. Indeed, capturing the Maghreb’s heterogeneity and its dynamic is central for reflecting on recent transformations, not only in the Maghreb but in the Arab world generally, particularly in relation to the Arab uprisings of 2010–11.

Enchevêtrement du Maghreb: Aspects culturels et politiques d’une région en mouvement

Par Imen Louati and Julius Dihstelhoff. Cette anthologie vise à produire une nouvelle approche pour aborder les études régionales au Maghreb. En effet, saisir l’hétérogénéité du Maghreb et sa dynamique est essentiel pour réfléchir aux transformations récentes, non seulement au Maghreb mais dans le monde arabe en général, en particulier en relation avec les soulèvements arabes de 2010-11.

The Allure of Airport Rhythms

By Juan Miguel Leandro L. Quizon. Travel entails expectations, musings, and meanderings. The moment travelers make final confirmations of flight bookings, their minds begin to explore the countless possibilities of their new journey. However, this year reminded us how a pandemic can seize travel instantaneously.

Pluralities, Transfers, Memories: Some Reflections on the Humanities Today

By Daniel Weidner. What can the role of the humanities be facing a world in crisis? However we describe that very crisis, it is clear that a lot of the assumptions that have, so far, founded the self-understanding of the humanities are no longer evident: neither the universalism of the European or western culture, nor the humanist values or even the distinction between culture and nature.

تعدّدات، انتقالات، ذكريات: بعضُ تأملاتٍ في الإنسانيات اليوم

دانييل فايدنر (الأدب المقارن، جامعة هالِه، ألمانيا). ما الذي يمكن أن يكون عليه دور الإنسانيات إذ تواجه عالمًا في أزمة؟ كيفما وَصَفنا تلك الأزمة بالذات، يبقى جليًّا أنَّ كثيرًا من الافتراضات التي قام عليها، إلى الآن، فَهْمُ الإنسانيات لذاتها لم تعد واضحة: لا كونيّة الثقافة الأوروبية أو الغربية، ولا القيم الإنسانويّة أو حتى التمييز بين الثقافة والطبيعة.

The West and the Word: Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse

by Steffen Wöll. Academic studies about the western American peripheries date back to as early as 1893. In this year, a young professor from Wisconsin named Frederick Jackson Turner presented a conference paper to crowds at the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

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