The TRAFO Blog serves as a s a discussion, information and publication platform for scholars, who are interested in transregional research and exchange. We invite you to participate with contributions in line with existing TRAFO-Blog formats, suggestions for new ones or comments.  We invite for (suggestions of) contributions to

The following information could be helpful for contributing:

  • Blog postings differ from academic essays in several ways: they can and should be shorter (ca. 7,000 characters) and  be written in an accessible style that addresses specific issues from a particular point of view in a way that makes it accessible to readers with other disciplinary or regional perspectives, that invites to attention and comment. Postings need not be polished and objectively-neutrally formulated, but can be subjective, pointed, and preliminary. If the text should be read by more people than academic colleagues, scholarly jargon could be avoided, technical terms explained and the questions contextualized whenever possible. Unlike published essays, blog postings can experiment with hypotheses, ask questions, and leave questions unanswered. Above all, the contribution should make use of the medium’s advantage and elicit responses.
  • Contributions will be processed by an editorial team, and if it is suitable for the blog it will be published. We may formulate suggestions or questions to the authors. Texts may undergo slight language or style editing for the clarity of the argument, within the limits of our capacities. No substantial editorial change will be undertaken without the permission of the author.
  • Images invite readers to engage with the text. Therfore we ask authors for 1-2 royalty-free pictures. Please make sure that you have the photographer’s/owner’s permission to use the photo, or that the picture is royalty-free or in the public domain (CC license) and that we may use it, and provide us with a brief explanation of the image if necessary.
  • We welcome commentaries on the themes of the published articles. We look forward to lively and also controversial discussions. To render the debates fruitful for all the blog’s readers, discussions in the commentary area will be moderated. We are interested in a constructive discussion among the participating commentators and reserve the right not to publish contributions that fall short of a certain level of discussion (impoliteness, double entendre, insults).
  • Once a text is published on the Blog, authors are free to republish them elsewhere. In that case, we request that the other publication refers to the prior publication that on the TRAFO Blog. If the other publication site is online, we request that you provide us with the respective.
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