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The Summer and Winter Academies, conceptualized and hosted by the Forum Transregionale Forschung with the Max Weber Stiftung, serve to feature and elaborate transregional research. The format is primarily distinguished through active involvement of the participants in the conceptualization and realization of the academic program. The academies are committed to a “peer-to-peer” approach in which the program is borne in equal measure by both established and promising young scholars. The members of the selection panel are also responsible for steering the program in their role as tutors.
Past Academies include: “Inequality, Education and Social Power”, “Language, Science and Aesthetics” and “Conflict and Mobility in the City”. Find out more about the Academies here

Messing with the Mess We Are in

A comment on the Transregional Academy “Redistribution and the Law in an Antagonistic World” by Thomas Dollmaier   The Transregional Academy on “Redistribution and the Law” (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 21–30 August...

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