Kategorie: Rethinking East European Studies in Times of Upheaval

This TRAFO Blog series runs in parallel to the monthly online seminars held under the same name. In both, researchers discuss the issues and concerns of East European studies in times of change and upheaval – in the context of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, and beyond. Contributions to this blog series can touch upon the most current issues of and in the region, like nationalism, pluralism, the uses and misuses of history and identity, war, resilience, displacement, and destruction and re-construction. Meanwhile, we invite looking into more neglected topics as well, such as new approaches to the Jewish and Muslim pasts of Eastern Europe, or comparisons of experiences in Eastern Europe with those in other regions of the world. Additionally, contributions can address questions on the state and future of East European studies, including their potential decolonization and what this might mean. Texts in this series need not connect to only Ukraine but can be situated in Eastern Europe. We also encourage a transregional approach through comparative perspectives, for example, those on former Yugoslavia, the Arab Spring, Latin American revolutions, or other case studies.

If you are interested contributing or have any questions, please contact us at communication@trafo-berlin.de. For more information on general contribution requirements, please visit our Contributions page. To find out more about the seminars, click here.

Rethinking East European Studies in Times of Upheaval: Some Reflections on Ukrainian Studies in Germany (and Not Only)

By Andrii Portnov. Ukrainian history and literature in the German higher education system are the disciplines whose institutional weakness is more than obvious. Ukraine itself, in the eyes of a large part of German (including academic) society, still does not have enough cultural and historical agency and remains ‘in the shadow of Russia’.

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