Kategorie: Doing Global International Relations

Judging by its name, the academic discipline of International Relations (IR) should be both international and interested in relations. For much of the discipline’s past, however, neither was truly the case. It has been a field of research with a claim to globality and universality, even though it was dominated and inspired by Western ideas, experiences, and people and was based on a fairly state-centric view of the world. More recently, the idea of Global IR has gained currency. Global IR is not a particular theory or method. Rather it is an attempt to broaden the ‘world-view’ of IR scholarship.
But what does this mean? With this blog series we offer a forum to discuss what “Doing Global International Relations” could mean, not only in terms of research frameworks, but also with regard to issues such as career paths and teaching methods.
Editors: Felix Anderl, Stefan Kroll, Philip Wallmeier, Antonia Witt (all: Exzellenzcluster “The Formation of Normative Orders”, University Frankfurt)

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