Kategorie: #Inequality & Mobility

#Inequality & Mobility is a thread of the #MECAM series that examines the complex relationships between rising inequalities and diverse types of mobility in present-day Tunisia and the Maghreb. It is the result of the collaborative work of an interdisciplinary group of early career researchers in the social sciences who started to work together at MECAM in Tunis in autumn 2021. The contributions include short reflections and impressions from diverse field sites, portraits of researchers and activists concerned with inequalities and mobilities in the present-day Maghreb, as well as longer essays on past or on-going scientific events and research projects related to the thread’s theme. Reflecting a multilingual research environment, contributions are written in English, French and Arabic.

Editors: Myriam Amri (Harvard University), André Weißenfels (Freie Universität Berlin), Moslem Nasser (Université de Tunis), Souhir Bouzid (ISTEUB Tunis), Wael Garnaoui (Université de Sousse/Université de Paris), Johannes Frische (Universität Leipzig), Ann-Christin Zuntz (University of Edinburgh), Katharina Grüneisl (coordination, Universität Leipzig)

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