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The #MECAM Series features contributions to the overarching theme of the Merian Centre for Advanced Study in the Maghreb (MECAM), “Imagining Futures: Dealing with Disparity”. The complex social processes that characterise the Maghreb and the adjacent regions historically and at the present time are addressed in five thematic clusters: “Inequality & Mobility”, “Memory & Justice”, “Aesthetics & Cultural Practice”, “Resources & Sustainability”, and “Identities & Beliefs”. Each of these themes is discussed and analysed in the work of the Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups (IFGs) hosted by MECAM and by scholars from the universities and institutes that constitute the consortium that supports MECAM. The themes of the IFGs are the different threads of the #MECAM series.
MECAM is a joint endeavour of seven German and Tunisian Universities and research institutions: The University of Marburg, the University of Tunis, Leipzig University, the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg and the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien, the University of Sfax, and the Institut Tunisien des Études Stratégiques (ITES). MECAM is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), supported and hosted by the University of Tunis.

#MECAM #Aesthetics&CulturalPractice
This thread seeks to consider the profound influence that societal changes have exerted on aesthetics and cultural practices (and vice-versa). It aims at addressing and redressing how aesthetic representations of disparity and entanglement are narrated, visualised, and performed in order to present the futures on offer to their respective societies. The essays are the result of the collaborative work of the Interdisciplinary Fellow Group “Aesthetics & Cultural Practice”.

#MECAM #Inequality&Mobility
#Inequality&Mobility examines the complex relationships between rising inequalities and diverse types of mobility in present-day Tunisia and the Maghreb, based on the collaborative work of an interdisciplinary group of early career researchers in the social sciences. The contributions are a product of the International Fellow Group “Inequality & Mobility” at MECAM. It consists of short reflections and impressions from diverse field sites, interviews with Tunisian researchers and activists involved in conversations and projects with the group, as well as longer essays by the fellows and invited contributors. Reflecting the multilingualism of its contributors, the texts are written in English, French, and Arabic.

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