Category: Emerging Topics

Which topics are currently debated in the academic community, which ideas are contemplated, tried out, and discussed? Which questions do transregional studies tackle at the moment, which fields are expanded and which aspects are or will be central to this emerging research?
Our series “Emerging Topics – Insights from behind the scenes” attempts to answer these questions and puts the spotlight on current issues within transregional research. By highlighting selected academic events, new projects and themes, we are making research practice visible and show what is debated within the field of transregional studies at the moment.

The Historical Junkyards of Cairo

By Shehab Ismail. The city of Cairo was surrounded by human-made mounds composed of rubbish and debris that had been piling up on the same spots for centuries. This blog post narrates how the author encountered the rubbish mounds during his research on the history of sanitation in Cairo. It explores two materials that were commonly found in the city’s dumpsters: archeological finds and organic fertilizers.

On Dersim and the Banality of Evil: The Diary of Yusuf Kenan Akım

By Zeynep Türkyilmaz. Entering my usual keywords randomly to see what is out there in my areas of interest, I came across a diary of a Turkish soldier kept during the year 1938. Ego-documents are a rare source in Ottoman-Turkish studies, but the content of this particular diary made it unique and almost unreal beyond my wildest expectations.

Hidden Economies of Slavery

Today, we put the spotlight on the conference “Hidden Economies of Slavery” which will take place on December 10-11 2020 at the German Historical Institute in London. We talked to the conveners Melina Teubner (University of Bern) and Felix Brahm (German Historical Institute London) about the upcoming event.

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