Kategorie: Emerging Topics

Which topics are currently debated in the academic community, which ideas are contemplated, tried out, and discussed? Which questions do transregional studies tackle at the moment, which fields are expanded and which aspects are or will be central to this emerging research?
Our series “Emerging Topics – Insights from behind the scenes” attempts to answer these questions and puts the spotlight on current issues within transregional research. By highlighting selected recent and upcoming workshops and other academic events, we are making research practice visible and show what is debated within the field of transregional studies at the moment.

An Era of Value Change. The Seventies in Europe

In March 2019 the conference “An Era of Value Change. The Seventies in Europe” took place at the Max Weber Foundation’s German Historical Institute in London. We have talked to Fiammetta Balestracci, one of the conveners, about the proceedings and results of the conference.

Women and the Transregional Circulation of Knowledge, from 1800 to 1950 – Interview with Heike Liebau, Tika Ramadhini and Thiago Pinto Barbosa

This article is part of the TRAFO series Emerging Topics. Insights from ‘Behind the Scenes’. Today, we put the spotlight on the Explorative Workshop “Women and the Transregional Circulation of Knowledge,...