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The #criticaljunctures thread of the #DossierUkraine addresses the Russian war in Ukraine as a turning point with potentially long-term outcomes affecting dynamics in many world regions. It takes a transregional perspective in at least four ways. First, historical perspectives are an important means of contextualizing the conflict as well as the misinformation disseminated during it. Second, the current crisis impacts life beyond Eastern Europe. We ask about the repercussions and impacts in world regions beyond Ukrainian-Russian relations, and furthermore consider how the current war is shaping regional dynamics and responses in other parts of the globe. Third, these impacts are felt in a wide range of sectors including higher education, the arts, journalism, trade, and resource distribution, to name a few. Fourth, changes to these sectors in various world regions reflect a rupture in a moment of crisis, but very likely have the potential to shape aspects of our lives for years to come when supported by new policies, trade deals, agreements, and physical infrastructure. We encourage contributions that look beyond the short term to think about potentially long-lasting changes as societies, regional organizations, companies, and private individuals are compelled to act, creating precedent for future responses. This thread is supported by the research agenda of the Research Centre Global Dynamics at Leipzig University. If you’d like to contribute, please contact Megan Maruschke at megan.maruschke@uni-due.de.

We Didn’t Start the Fire: Military Interventions from Kosovo to Kiev

By Katarina Ristić. Only a few days before the attack on Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin responded to those scandalized by the prospect of a war in Europe, reminding Europeans that such a war had already taken place. In 1999, he said, it was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – not Russia – that had started a “large-scale military operation that included air strikes against a European capital, Belgrade”.

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