Kategorie: #DossierCorona

#DossierCorona is a new series that addresses matters in the social sciences and humanities that were on the agenda before the current COVID-19 pandemic, matters that deserve new attention or a different perspective, issues that gain a new urgency in times of crisis. The matter is thus not the pandemic itself, but rather how the virus, its spread, and its effects disrupt the ways we look at those issues that will persist and that will determine the way people will live.

#DossierCorona #religiousmatters
The thread #religiousmatters takes up an initiative of the research project „Religious Matters in an Entangled World“ (religiousmatters.nl) at the University of Utrecht, directed by the anthropologist and religious studies scholar Birgit Meyer, who also is the chairperson of the Academic Advisory Board of the Forum Transregionale Studien and edits the thread #religiousmatters of the dossier. Contributions to #religiousmatters are published both on the „Religious Matters“ blog and/or the TRAFO Blog. New contributions to the thread are welcome and should be from 700 to around 1.500 words long.

#DossierCorona #workingfutures
The thread #workingfutures builds on the activities of the transnational research network „Working Futures“, founded in 2018 as a cooperation between the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and the International Research Center Work and Human Life Cycle in Global History (re:work). The contributions of the thread explore how the Corona crisis challenges the field and the future of work as well as related public and academic debates. Contributions to #workingfutures are published both as part of the series “Wiko Briefs – Working Futures in Corona Times” on the network’s website at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and on the TRAFO Blog.

#DossierCorona is conceived as an open and modular form of contributions from different disciplines and regions of the university and world. Suggestions for new threads, single matters and contributions to existing threads by scholars, artists and practitioners of any discipline on archival, aesthetical, environmental, historical and other matters or issues of law, society, migration and others are welcome. Contributions around 1.000-1.500 words long. Suggestions for new threads should include a brief abstract that includes the guiding questions. Furthermore, we invite you to include up to 3 images (royalty-free or public domain) that relate to the thread topic. Please send your proposals to Moritz Buchner, communication@trafo-berlin.de.