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Notes from the Underground: Academic Freedom, (Un)Civil Society, and “Kulturkampf” in Hungary

By Balázs Trencsényi. The attacks on the autonomy of universities and the attempts to curb the independence of research institutes, especially in the humanities and social sciences, have been central features of authoritarian political projects.

What Kind of Academic Freedom and for Whom? Karl Jaspers’ Idea of the University

By Sandra Richter. The history of the university and the history of academic freedom are intertwined but not identical. In certain historical situations they have even differed radically – whether it be for political, economic, or administrative reasons, or because of personal failure.

The Suppression and Misuses of Academic Freedom During the Nazi Regime

By Mitchell G. Ash. The freedom of science (Wissenschaftsfreiheit), or academic freedom, as it is called in English, has been addressed historically from multiple perspectives. In these remarks, I will focus on science and scholarship in one particularly infamous dictatorial regime.

Threats to Academic Freedom – Historical and Contemporary Remarks

An introduction to the TRAFO series “Academic Freedom” by Gisèle Sapiro, Amr Hamzawy, and Başak Tuğ. Academic freedom is under threat today in many places of the world and it is urgent to create spaces of collective reflection on a principle that is fundamental to all intellectual practice.

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