“The Uprising of History” – Interview with Kmar Bendana

Kmar Bendana

On 26-27 June 2017, Kmar Bendana participated in the Explorative Workshop on “Mediterranean Perspectives in School History Teaching”. It was hosted by the Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin and was convened by Romain Faure (FU Berlin) and Leyla Dakhli (Centre Marc Bloch). Please find the program of the workshop here and an interview with convener Romain Faure here.

In this interview, Kmar Bendana speaks about the impact of historical research on school history teaching in a context of political changes in Tunisia. She identifies a new need for history and a desire to appropriate it, especially among younger people. She also reflects on the possibilities of international research groups such as the one planned by the workshop to influence the dissemination of historical knowledge and to introduce transregional perspectives into national histories in the countries around the Mediterranean.

The interview was conducted in French.

Kmar Bendana is Professor for Contemporary History at the Université de la Manouba (Tunisia). In her research, she is particularly interested in the historiography of Tunisia and the relationship between historical narratives and political power. Since the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, she runs a blog on the History and Culture of Contemporary Tunisia.

The interview was conducted by Alix Winter (Forum Transregionale Studien)



The following contributions have emerged from the Explorative Workshop “Mediterranean Perspectives in School Book History Teaching”:

Mediterranean Perspectives in School History Teaching – Interview with Romain Faure, in: TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research, 20.06.2017, https://trafo.hypotheses.org/7146.

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