Ottoman History Blog: Neither Muslim nor Christian: Crypto-Christians of Trabzon

We would like to share with you the Ottoman History Podcast Blog, where many former fellows of the research program EUME (Europe in the Middle East – the Middle East in Europe, Forum Transregionale Studien) have published results of their scientific research on the Ottoman Empire.

They focus on historical events and their meaning for people’s lives and analyze how the Ottoman society changed throughout history. The subjects vary from the interpretation of dreams, Crypto-Christian communities, World war I and the Ottoman home front to the Ottoman Scramble for Africa…

In this episode, Zeyned Türkyılmaz (Dartmouth College, EUME Fellow 2010/22) speaks about the phenomenon of Crypto-Christianity agueing that “diversity and heterogeneity among the Ottoman Empire’s rural communities gave rise to the “in-between” groups that did not conform to categories of identity being formulated in the center.” He focuses on the Trabzon region “in order to understand how local communities sought to define their participation in a rapidly transforming society and economy of the nineteenth century.”

So, lean back, listen and learn!

The podcast and additional sources are available here.

Stefanie Rentsch

Dr. Stefanie Rentsch ist wissenschaftliche Referentin am Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin und leitet dort den Bereich Publikationen und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit. Blogs:, Stefanie Rentsch is head of publications and communication at the Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin. Blogs:,

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