Decolonialization: A Short History

Debra Liese (Princeton University Press) interviewed Jan C. Jansen, Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC along with his co-author Jürgen Osterhammel, Professor for Modern and Contemporary History (University of Konstanz), about their recent publication. Their book, entitled “Decolonization: A Short History”, was published earlier this year and provides an introduction to the end of European, American, and Japanese colonial rule from World War I to the 1990s. While taking into account the unique regional and colonial contexts in which decolonization unfolded, their comparative perspective allowed the two historians to trace the shared key factors of this global process transregionally.

Please find the aforementioned interview on the Princeton University Press Blog.

Additionally, you can find the first chapter of their book “Decolonization as Moment and Process”  as a reading sample on the publisher’s website.

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