Why Ibn Khaldûn is still relevant today? – An Interview with Khaled Kchir

By Prof. Dr. Khaled Kchir (Prof. of Medieval History ; Faculty of Human and Social Sciences – University of Tunis / MECAM’s Director)

This is a repost with kind permission of MECAM.

MECAM inaugurates a new phase in its commitment to promoting social science research in the Maghreb, the Mashreq, and beyond. We actively collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds who delve into a variety of subjects. One of our main goals is to enrich the ongoing debate on the Global South while highlighting the voices that have long been neglected in our region. This video, created with Professor Khaled Kchir, aims to unveil the significance of Ibn Khaldûn, whose influence, though profound, is often underestimated today.

As a Professor of Medieval History at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Tunis, and one of the two directors of MECAM, Professor Kchir focuses on the in-depth study of Ibn Khaldûn’s work. The latter is frequently hailed as the pioneer of modern sociology due to his pivotal role in the study of local societies and their evolution. In this interview, Professor Kchir sheds light on Ibn Khaldûn’s substantial impact in the past, his current importance, and his relevance as a model for the future.

We delve into Ibn Khaldûn’s major contributions to our understanding of human societies and urbanization. We discover how this 14th-century scholar continues to influence contemporary research and how his methodology can provide a fresh and dynamic perspective on our present and future. This video is an invitation to explore Ibn Khaldûn’s intellectual legacy, which continues to illuminate our reflections on human societies and their complex dynamics.

Citation: Khaled Kchir, Why Ibn Khaldun is still relevant today?, in: TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research, 12.09.2023, https://trafo.hypotheses.org/48721

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