The Guardian about Berlin and its Controversial Prussian Palace

The rebuilding of the Prussian royal palace started in 2013. It will be open its doors in 2019. This giant project is Europe’s most expensive cultural endeavor and will be the premises of the Humboldt-Forum, a forum for culture, art and science. In the Guardian’s article from Monday (18 may 2015), the author (Michael Scaturro) comments the moving in of the first German museum of the country’s atrocities in its erstwhile colonies in Africa and Asia.

Le projet Humboldt-Forum (Berlin) (Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra under CC BY 2.0)

Le projet Humboldt-Forum (Berlin) (Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra under CC BY 2.0)

Due to the Second World War and the Holocaust, the German colonial history faded into obscurity, for example the campaign of ethnic cleansing in Namibia and other atrocious operation. There is a lack of accounting for the colonial past in German schools and museums. Even the Bundestag acts with reserve, even though they are pushing Turkey to acknowledge their Armenian genocide.

You will find more information about the palace, the Humboldt-Forum and its ethnological and historical museum here in the Guardian’s article.

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