All Things Transregional? A Conversation about Transregional Research

The contributions of the blog series »All Things Transregional?« are now available in an open access volume on and in print. Scholars from various disciplines discuss about the issues, the methodological background, and the future of transregional research.

»The truly strange thing about Germany is that German lands and their peoples have been so deeply entangled with the world and, yet, Germans, and German historians at that, have such tremendous difficulties in coming to term with that fact and its consequences.« This is how Andreas Eckert cites the historian Michael Geyer with a statement from 2006 in the introduction to this volume. Is Geyer’s observation still valid today? Has the field of history and other disciplines become more attentive for questions about entanglements and connections beyond the national level?

What does Transregional Research mean? Who can learn from its insights? What are its limits? The interview series »All Things Transregional?«, launched on this blog in 2015, addressed these issues and encouraged an open discussion. Researchers were invited to share their experiences, assess key issues and discuss future perspectives of transregional research. The result is a lively and sometimes controversial debate that is now available in an open access volume in the publication series »Areas and Disciplines« edited by the Forum Transregionale Studien and the Max Weber Foundation. For this volume, most of the 18 interviews were revised by the authors and reshaped in an article format. Altogether, the articles offer a summary of the recent debate about transregional research in German academia. Contributors are Sebastian Conrad, Monica Juneja, Matthias Middell, Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Thomas Maissen, Barbara Mittler, Miloš Řezník, Philipp Lepenies, Michael Goebel, Roland Wenzlhuemer, Steffen Wippel, Julia Verne, Birgit Schäbler, Christine Hatzky, Ulrike Lindner, Martin Dusinberre, Leyla Dakhli, Claudia Derichs. With an introduction by Andreas Eckert.

The book is available open access at For free printed copies, please send an email to or

All Things Transregional? A Conversation about Transregional Research (Areas and Disciplines, 4), ed. Forum Transregionale Studien, Max Weber Stiftung, Berlin/Bonn 2019. DOI:

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