Conference: “Crossroads Studies: Mobilities, Immobilities and the Issue of Positionality for Rethinking Area Studies“

On November 27-28, 2014, the international conference “Crossroads Studies: Mobilities, Immobilities and the Issue of Positionality for Rethinking Area Studies“ will take place at the University of Bonn. The conference is organized by the research network Crossroads Asia, funded by the Area Studies Initiative of the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The research network Crossroads Asia: Conflict, Migration, Development questions the validity of conventional ‘world regions’ of the area which reaches from Eastern Iran to Western China and from Northern India to Central Asia.

The conference “Croassroad Studies” aims to think across established demarcations of regions by bringing together the empirical research conducted by the network members with empirical, conceptual and methodological debates. The objective is to identify diverse empirically based common lines of thought and distinctive versions of defining socio-cultural and physical spaces relevant for the rethinking of disciplinary constructs of those, namely for Area Studies.

You can find the conference flyer here.

Forum Transregionale Studien

The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien is a research organization that promotes the internationalization of research in the humanities and social sciences. The Forum provides scope for collaboration among researchers with different regional and disciplinary perspectives and appoints researchers from all over the world as Fellows. In cooperation with universities and research institutions in Berlin and the rest of Germany, it carries out research projects that examine other regions of the world and their relationship to Germany and Europe systematically and with new questions.

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