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Rezension: Laboratorien der Weltgeschichtsschreibung

Von Carolin Liebisch-Gümüş: Historiker:innen sind darauf spezialisiert, historische Mythen und Gründungsnarrative zu dekonstruieren. Jedoch erzählen sie zuweilen selbst eigene kleine Gründungsmythen über ihre Institutionen und Subströmungen. Ein Paradebeispiel dafür ist die Globalgeschichte.

Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies

By Jeremy Adelman. A few years ago, I organized a symposium at Princeton University. The theme was: does globalization mean that the social sciences (broadly defined) need to rethink their intellectual foundations? In the end, we came to a draw. Some felt that old models and familiar framings worked fine. Others saw global integration as an intellectual shakeup of the bedrock of methodological nationalism.

Book Review: Global Publics: Their Power and Their Limits, 1870-1990

By Christoph Streb. In light of recent phenomena of global communication like #MeToo, Fridays for Future, and the proliferating conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus pandemic, this book on the history of global publics obviously is very timely. Spanning the period between the late 19th and the late 20th century, Global Publics consists of twelve individual case studies.

Book Review: L. Spinney: 1918 – Die Welt im Fieber

By Steffi Marung | Laura Spinney has written a best-selling book, which is in major (online) book stores currently not available in its English original, but one may still be able to chase one of its translations in German, Dutch, French, Croatian, Italian, Czech or Spanish.

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