Video of Panel 1: “Thinking Transregional Studies”

The Panel “Thinking Transregional Studies” was the first panel of the conference “Areas and Disciplines: Lessons from Internationalization Initiatives in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Germany” organized by the Forum Transregionale Studien and the Max Weber Stiftung. The panelists Engseng Ho, Dhruv Raina, Dominic Sachsenmaier and Birgit Schäbler and their host Sebastian Conrad stressed the need for reconfigurations in the systematic disciplines with a view to contemporary knowledge production and problematized the relationship between systematic disciplines and area studies.

Max Weber Stiftung

The Max Weber Foundation promotes global research, focused on the areas of social sciences, cultural studies and the humanities. Our research is conducted at ten institutes in various countries across the globe with different and independent fields of focus. Through our globally operating institutes, we are able to contribute to the communication and networking between Germany and our host countries or regions. By promoting academic dialogue and merging academic and non-academic employees from several countries with different cultural backgrounds, the Max Weber Foundation is able to strengthen the internationalization of research.

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